The Have Whinge/Vent Thread


A thread to unload some of your Pokémon Go gaming frustrations.
Catching lots of a particular Pokémon searching for that Shiny - vent in here.
That T5 keeps moving around making you throw air balls or keeps breaking out resulting in no catch - vent that in here.
Can’t catch a decent IV from Raids - vent that in here.
Eggs won’t give you good IV or Shiny - vent that in here.
Anything else happing in game - vent that in here.


I’ll kick it off with a couple of late.

  1. Raided 6 Ex Gyms the last cycle and no Ex Pass received this morning when they went out. 3rd week in a row I’ve missed an Ex Pass.

  2. I’m just short of doing 1400 Trades now and have yet to get a 100% and in those Trades had 4 that I’ve Traded over go 100% for the other Trainers.


I’m an example for another point you mention…

I have hatched 2.451 eggs up to now, and not one was a shiny.


I was some where around 2600 hatches before I hatched my first and still only Shiny Hatch. Now on 3400 hatches.


Have farmed over 3000 wailmer candy still no shiny


Got one rare candy from ex raid today


I’ve gotten 2 EX-Raid passes the whole time I’ve played and had to work during both.


I still don’t understand why Niantic keeps insisting on having EX-raids during weekdays on the most crappiest of times.

I got a lot more, but i’ll stick with this one now, since it is EX-day and actually relevant right now. Again…


Just short of 1500 Trades now and still not 1 single :100:


People that I personally know won’t open the f… gifts, and people that I never met keep opening/sending gifts. I have a lot more lucky friends that I never met than people I have met


It’s the local people I know that won’t open gifts that bothers me. I’m like, I’ll do lucky trade with you during raid! But the non locals, that don’t do gifts? Yeah, you get deleted first when I need new friends for quest.


Baby Pokemon not only in 7K eggs (where I can avoid them), but also in other eggs as well. Why on EARTH is Happiny in 10K eggs??? …

I hate waiting in anticipation for that 10K egg to hatch, hoping it’s something I need, and it’s a Happiny of all things.


Or Munchlax


Still not getting any 1K Purified Shadows and everything else I’m getting is such poor IV I’m not Purifying at 3 or 5K only to throw it out.
Sitting on 3/15 for that quest.

Here’s another whinge on the Rocket Bosses.
What’s the point of doing the 6 Grunts to build your Radar to find a much more difficult battle that still hands out the same junk IV that drops from the other. The least they could for the Bosses is make them minimum 3 star. I’d chase those for a much higher chance at something going :100: if I part with 3-5K Dust.
Shiny drop rates are so poor for me its no incentive to chase them.
For now my Hideout Radar is turned off.


Nothing, after I saw that the incentives of doing the stages of the investigation don’t include any pokemon I have left the chase. If I complete it without noticing, well, if not, doesn’t matter.


Defeated a Rocket Boss once. Got 6 potions. Realized the rewards were junk and haven’t done one since. :slight_smile:


Yeah, they should make those 3 leaders reward 3 star Pokémon although 3 star Meowth / Persian is not meta relevant


I still need to beat Arlo and Sierra. Haven’t seen either one for a few days.


i don’t get it, 3 star shadow pokemon are 12-12-12 at least. A purify = 14-14-14 / 93%.
This is way too powerfull for doing just a few battles.
If you want good IV pokemon / 100%'s you have to work for it IMO, not log in, do a battle and “here’s your 100%”

Also, @VanHooIII, so you tried 1 whole leader and got a few poitions and then said “screw it”? I’'ve gotten at least 3 Unova stones from those battles, max revives and other stuff, and a shiny shadow Meowth.
Don’t give up.


Personal preference. The Unova stone is the only reward that’s really worth it to me and it’s not worth the effort that it takes to unlock a leader for the chance at one. Maybe if the other rewards had even a SMALL amount of value to me. Unfortunately, they don’t. I have 30+ Sinnoh stones and don’t need any more potions or revives.

I’d rather roll the dice on the weekly breakthrough that I naturally do every week for a Unova stone.