The Have Whinge/Vent Thread


Base IV’s are 2/2/2 for shadows (after purification) You have to do something for it, but not a lot, so you get a bonus, but not a lot


So the best… don’t do it…


Is there a count kept somewhere that we can consult to see the cumulative number of eggs we’ve hatched since starting the game? I didn’t keep a running count, myself, and I’m curious how many it has been for me.


Since the release of the Unova stone, I have not gotten single one thru weekly Research Breakthrough, and I have battled those 3 leaders about 10 times, all I got are healing items, no Sinnoh nor Unova stone.


Your Breeder medal counts them


I’ve still only got single Unova Stone from Regigigis event. I’ve yet to get 1 on weekly research breakthrough.


I’ve picked up 3 Unova Stones and have no idea for doing what or when exactly.
Sorry make that 5 as I’ve used 2 already.


Up to 1650 Trades and still no :100:


The only one you have is the one you paid for with real money


The only useful one now is Chandelure, I think you used 2 on evolving to Chandelure.

Those elemental monkeys are for fun only


I actually got 1 today from beating Arlo. So now I have 2.


That “Hate” is misspelled in the title


Not one 100% from 1780 Traded


Don’t ask why, but I was sure that Rocket event today supposed to be from 11 to 14… I was so pissed off when they all disappeared at 13… and then I read the actual announcement… I ended up doing “only” 60 Rocket battles today and I ended up 11 SHORT … (989/1000)


I only did 1. I was at work and one have 1 pokestop.


1810 Trades and still no 100%

Still can’t find a Lapras Rocket Stop


Got 0 rare candy from Regigigas ex raid but 3 from Espeon raid


1926 Trades and still no 100% iv

New vent topic.
Multiple head theme is a fail so far.
No reports locally of an increase in Deino spawns.
Still just as rare despite the evolutions fitting with the event. I don’t expect them to be every where but I would expect there to be a lot of chatter about people sayING they’ve finally got one or seen a couple myself by now.


Just for comparison: traded 14,481.
Hundos = 32 of which 17 also Lucky.


116 trades in 3 days? No kidding?