The Have Whinge/Vent Thread


I only got 1 pink Sneasel, so you aren’t only one.


Late reply 'cause Xmas vacation, but here goes:

  • i’m at 199 friends myself nonstop, and i can cycle through them just fine. your 20 gift per day = 10 days to cycle is nonsense if you take in consideration of them opening for points and people that do not send on a daily basis. Even at worst time i had 100 gifts stacked and with the decline in interest for friendship levels this has only gone down.
  • these people are offline, over 2 days of no catching pokemon.
  • there ís a max gifting per day: 100.
  • these people i talk about are at 0 hearts after more then 3 weeks, these are the @$$hats i ment.
  • like i said: i don’t care if you never send, i don’t care if you never open, i don’t even care if you don’t play. But doing those 3 things at the same time = waste of friendspace. So again: why post your code if you’re not going to do anything with it?

Edit: the only viable reason to not open gifts is when you’re one of those guys that only opens from his max/highest leveled friends first, going down the list, never getting to the lower hearts. Same goes for alphabetic order. But the question stil remains: why drop your code if you do that?


Thanks for the info. The only days my stop-spin count goes higher than 30 are Community days, when I’m able to find more than 2 hours to play. I wasn’t about to discover a hard-limit of 100 when I never go over 50.

If your experience differs from somebody else’s, it does not imply theirs is nonsense. I don’t believe I ever implied that everybody had the same gift-limit problems with their friends – just that I know those problems are possible because I have seen them firsthand.


I’m going through a shiny slump… the last one I caught was a nudie sneasel on December 31st.
Which means I haven’t had a sniff this decade :triumph::rage:


I wish Niantic would hurry up and fix the forking rename :pencil2:️ button - all that aimless clicking trying to find the exact spot is driving me nuts! :peanuts::triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I know exactly how you feel.
It’s a pain and time waster playing the re-name battle game, tap tap tap tap tap woohoo I won.


It’s bugged me for a while but more so lately as my game play time is mostly after Raids and Rocket Bosses have stopped for the day.
I should be able to do Rocket stops and build Boss Radars and stock them in the collection for use later. This one at a time then do 6 Stops to build a new one sux.


that is actually a very good QoL idea. Have a radar but don’t want/can’t use it? just work on your next one… i like it.


Yeah, if you have radar equipped, you can’t get more mysterious components, it forces you to battle those leaders before getting any more components.


Hm… You know… That would be the best idea: if you want to use the radar and have it equipped (i.e. visible on the main screen), no more mysterious components, if you don’t have it active, let us get more components to stack more radars… I mean we can have more than one if we buy them so why not if we work for them?


that last part hits the nail ont he head: you can have multiple radars if you buy them, why not via the normal way aswell?

So, who is contacting Niantic with this?


I haven’t tried it myself, but I believe you can unequip the radar via Item Bag. But don’t know if you get new components again then.


Yes you can turn off the Radar through your item bag and no it doesn’t let you collect more pieces for another Radar.
I have mine off all the time until I’m specifically out to find a Boss.


I’m in no hurry to finish same quest again. I’ve gotten to the 3 bosses. But I know I’ll have to fight 6 grunts in between each one. I would like a new quest to work on instead of repeating same one.


Another thing that occurred to me today and that annoys me a lot…
I tried to use the “quick treat” for my buddy Melmetal… The quick treat is in no way quicker than ususal playing/feeding screen, except that it closes when the buddy is full. :roll_eyes:
A quick treat should really be quick. The Pokémon should not slowly walk in (yep, that’s Melmetal…), we should not be required to throw the berry all way to the buddy (Melmetal is standing faaaar away and I keep missing him), instead just tapping on the berry should be enough.
Maybe even allow us to leave AR off completely for that?

It’s OK for the normal playing screen but the quick treat should be different from the normal mode.


There are currently 87 species available as shinies to catch in the wild, or hatch, or through research that I have never caught. This number does not include second or third stage evolutions - it rises to 177 when these are taken into account.
Common species like murkrow, diglett, pidgey, aipom, koffing, patrat, roselia, oddish, meowth, poliwag, drowzee, horsea, geodude, etc. etc. continue to elude me… yet…
Yesterday evening I got Buneary for the fifth time and Mr. Mime for the fifth time. Mrs. celery and even my cat already have their own shinies - so none to be offloaded there.
There aren’t many other players to trade with in my nearest small town.
I’m sure many others are in a similar situation with their own useless shiny stockpiles.
Niantic, we need remote friend trading to get rid of our gluts please


Isn’t getting players to use AR for something the principal aim of the buddy adventure feature, though? :confounded:


Timburr Raiding/Trading is not going very well.
Game has not given up anything better than 93% and that wasn’t the one that went lucky. That went from a 78% to 82%.
With an army of 100% Machamps it has to be a 100% or it’s off to the Professor.

On side rant, now up to 3600 Trades and still not a single 100% while 8 have gone 100% for the other Trainer(s) from my Trade.


After the game is forced updated, gyms locations are misplaced. After restarting the game, its fine for the surrounding area at that moment. After couple hours, it seems to be normal for now.


I don’t have any idea how the game sets it’s zone boundaries but that Gym vanishing or clustering bug happens when you move from one of the zones to another.
From home to where I drove to farm a nest Sat/Sun is around 14km. Home, nest spot and in between are 3 different game zones. As soon as I left home and got out of the home zone all the Gyms were not sighted on the screen. This made it frustrating to look for Timburr Raids in progress on the way. Had to stop and re-start app to make appear.