The Have Whinge/Vent Thread


Going on those numbers your getting a 100% iv every 453 (rounding up) Trades.
I’d expect that to be fair and reasonable.
To have 0 from just over 1900 is complete BS but not really surprising considering how bad/unlucky my rates have been for other things in the game.
For some reason my acct just sux for luck, sort mirrors my life to be honest.


My overdue shinies:

  1. Pidgey 0/2446
  2. Murkrow 0/1575
  3. Geodude 0/1088
  4. Koffing 0/1084
  5. Aipom 0/1056
  6. Diglett 0/1002
  7. Anorith 0/813
  8. Magnemite 0/791
  9. Oddish 0/752
  10. Meowth 0/752
  11. Patrat 0/751
  12. Poliwag 0/696
  13. Drowzee 0/689
  14. Duskull 0/642
  15. Houndour 0/639
  16. Snubbull 0/604
  17. Omanyte 0/590
  18. Roselia 0/572
  19. Tentacool 0/555
  20. Horsea 0/555
  21. Shuppet 0/529
  22. Grimer 0/458
  23. Carvanha 0/456

i) This is a list of fruitless searches - shinyless streaks may be longer for species I have encountered 1 or more times.
ii) Some encounters included will be before the shiny was released.
iii) Anything not on the list is because I have a shiny of that species or I have total encounters of less than 450 for that species.


From your list, I only have Duskull, Shuppet, Snubull, and Roselia.


Tired of blowing premium raid passes on Klink in the vain hope of stirring up a shiny. No more.


I had never spent premium pass on non-legendary. I don’t have good Klink now, I transfer them all so I could not check its candy count


this is what in my city is known as shiny locked.
Some shinies you have increased chance, some you have the normal 1/450 chance, some you are locked (chance is really really really low).
For me, i’m locked for Giratina (68 freaking raids!) for example, but i’m highly viable for Eevee (caught my 12 or 13 wild shiny Eevee yesterday, lost count) and Caterpie, which i caught 8 (!) shiny)
1 player in my city has done over 150 alolan Raichu last time she told me, which has been a while, still got none…


Now over 2000 Trades and no 100% iv


Yealous. Have beaten about 20 bosses in the meanwhile and still 0 stones.


Just over 2100 Trades for 0 100% iv.
I’m over 1500 with nothing better than 96%
3K for 0 looking real good at this stage.


I’ve only done 61 trades but still got 2 98%. No 100% though


Extra example: i’m apparently super viable for shiny gligar. I’ve caught 4 thusfar in this event an already had 2.
I’m scared to check them even more.


Well, if you ever get to visit my town again and we are lucky friends I now know what to ask lol


What do you offer for a shiny Gligar? Maybe I will visit your town again then. :stuck_out_tongue:


Up to 2200 Trades and still no 100% iv


I caught number 5 of this event last night…


What event is this again? I guess this could be my vent right now: the multiplicity of events since the end of summer, with varying durations and start/stop date/time. Remembering which raids guaranteed 3 rare candy and for how long… knowing which raid bosses are active and for how long… It can get dizzifying to keep track of it all, especially during a season when real life has to take priority more often. So for the next few weeks I’m simply not trying to keep up, but playing a little each day that I can, and hoping that major events and free time will happen to align more favorably in 2020…


Guess I’ll have to vent a bit as well…

I’m a bit disappointed with the announced holiday event…
They made a huge announcement of december events… Raising my expectations…

But wait… The Giovanni Research? I’m almost done with the december research, and now they announce it? :woman_facepalming:

Different Pokémon from eggs? So what? The egg pool will still be huge and it will still not make sense to buy incubators… And this is not an event.

Virizion in T5 raids? This is not an event, either. We were all expecting it. I don’t like that it’s during holidays where most people have other stuff to do, but I guess we will find time to get the dex entry.

Lugia and Ho-Oh raid weekend? I’m sure there are people out there who still need either the dex entry or the shiny… But the Pokémon themselves are not useful enough for me personally to hunt for them. And I have the shinies… And I hate it when there’s more than one T5 boss at a time. You’ll always be wanting only one of them and it will always be the one hatching the least…

Then the holiday event… Well this is the only somehow interesting thing in the announcement. I hate that it starts on Christmas Eve and that it’s sooo short this time, though. We have already had holiday events that were 2 weeks long…,
We will be getting new constumed Pokémon, that’s OK for me. No more Santa hat Pikachu.
We will be getting new shinies. Always welcome.
Delibird will return, OK, I still need the shiny.
New Pokémon, nice! But really: Cryogonal only from Glacial lures? Not selling enough, huh?
New shadow Pokémon? Not again… It’s already hard enough hunting for certain ones,. (Lapras… :rage:)

And the warmup winter event thing, I just don’t understand either…

Whooo… feeling better now :smiley:


A new day, so new chance for shinies and OMG why do i get another 2 gligar???!!!
I’m at 7 in 5 days now. This makes no sense. Good thing the last minute oddish in the run made things a bit better.
Right now the shiny gligar thing has become funny, sad, funny again, and now really sad.


Withinn 1 hour after I golden razz my mon and others in the gym, some as****e kicked my mon out from the gym, I thought he/she was “shaving” or taking the entire gym down, but no, the other 5 mons stayed there. What is the point!


Still no 100% IV after 2360 Trades.
And still only 1 Shiny hatch from 3509 Eggs.