The Have Whinge/Vent Thread

I’m pretty sure he was; but in all candor, I am not entirely certain.

Why did they have make Sylveon have the 70 heart component for it?
Now I have to interrupt my Goodra Candy and XL farming :rage:

Not really I think. You can collect the hearts from feeding, snapping and petting Eevee and then switch back to Goodra and do the same. I’m not sure if it keeps the buddy progress though, so I may be wrong, but then switching to Eevee is possible once your Buddy Goodra found a Candy (XL).

Edit: it does keep the progress for the candies, but I’m not sure if it also saves the progress for the Hearts earned with your Buddy Eevee.

“but that requires effort…”

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Sure thing.

Exactly, it’s the stuffing around swapping back and forth using time I could be catching dust or taking another Gym hunting Rockets or Raids.
Trading already takes 30-60min every time.

Why does it take more than 20-30 seconds? (Or does “every time” mean every day, instead of every trade?)

Every day up to 60min if your doing the full 100 allowed.

That would seem to require a continual turnover of at least 100 on each account each day just to sustain trades, since after just a couple of weeks it would exhaust your entire Pokémon storage space.

I think just the inventory management overhead for that would consume over 2 hours a day for me, plus the time to actually perform the trades, and the time to catch over 100 a day.

What portion of the results get sent to the Professor to turn into candy, about 99%?

Another fine Regi raid just now with 6 players (all but the host were remote). Finished fainting my lead attack team, and when game went into the revive/rejoin lobby sequence, it simply kicked me back to my neighborhood, saying “unable to fetch raid details”. No way to recover from that. Wasted time, wasted pass, wasted revives. Just f’n dandy.
:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If you can’t continue a raid I’ve already paid to do, I’ll consider the time and revives the cost of taking the chance. But return my pass to me. And that’s something the game can detect itself, without anybody having to report it.

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It does take a lot of time all up to manage.
Sort daily catches into trade or transfer.
I re-name into the >10k zones for trading
If I catch hard on weekends I have a back log and surplus I work my way through.
At one point I had over 1200 marked for trading.
I’ve worked hard to get that down to 600 to give me 700 spaces in the bag ready Gible CD. We are going for a 2hr drive to play the CD >100km away from our home area catches which will give 1 XL for every Gible when traded. Couple of L50 100% Chomps coming up.
I’ve got other stuff waiting for the 1 XL Candy going the other way to make another 3 L50 Pokémon.
It’s taken weeks of prep for this.

Today, I wanted to submit some new Poke stops on Wayfarer, but I couldn’t choose pictures from my gallery like I used to do before. Now I must take pictures directly from my camera. I found out on the internet that this happens on Android 11 and there are no solutions to this. I also found out that Niantic plans to add this feature in one of their next updates in 2021. So, all I can do now is use my old phone which has older Android to submit pictures from the gallery.

I was never able to select old pictures.

It was possible if you had some apps for pictures installed on your phone. It would ask you if you wanted to take a picture with your camera or use another app.

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Good grief. Bidoof saturation. Every gift opened has Bidoof stickers. Every raid a Bidoof. Every task encounter another Bidoof. Everywhere and everything Bidoof. And still no bleepin’ shiny. Basta.


I got no shiny beaver either

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I got two out of 1099 encounters.

Edit: it appears to be slightly more than 1099, but I don’t know that exact amount.



I’m just here for the 4x. :sweat_smile:

Whenever you find out that you haven’t actually caught some of the bidoof you quick-captured…

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