The Have Whinge/Vent Thread

I’ve got some genuine rage for this recent change.
Since the last update feeding Berries to Gyms has been ruined from a time management perspective.
It now takes what seems like forever to feed a full Gym now. Previously I could just keep hitting the Berry and it would chain them off quickly.
Now it click wait for it to land then wait for the Animation before the next one can be clicked on.
To feed 10 Berries to 1 Pokémon bows takes as long as I could have feed 3 seperate Pokémon 10 Berries each.
It’s now such a drain on time to manage the Berry count through feeding.
I’m very annoyed as it’s game QoL issue for me.


Yep. Hated that as well. However, it seems to have returned to the way it used to be. (Berry feeding in gyms)

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This happened to me in the last update, but it seems to be fixed after the latest update.

I vented early and it was fixed with the next update only days later. It would have done my head in trying to feed gyms at dial up speed.

New vent.
Between Raids and Trades Mewtwo can kiss my ****. Game refuses to give me that 100% I’ve been trying for.
It’s like I’m capped at 96% as that is all I seem to get when I finally get something other than the constant 82-89% rubbish.
96% Luckies with 14 attack are starting to really irritate me too.

If you don’t end up with one and I make it back to Adelaide in the future, I can probably trade you my spare 100%. I’m satisfied having one perfect honestly.

Recently I had found out I had a Skull Bash Rhyperior, and I forgot to change its move. Now today I finally remembered, and I figured out I had even more of them. So I TM’ed them all. Turned out it was some kind of glitch, and they did not have Skull Bash at all. I know this because I tag them based on their Charged Attacks, and because the very last one said if I wanted to let it forget Stone Edge, where the stats clearly said it had Skull Bash. That has just cost me a bunch of Charged TM’s and Surf Rhyperiors. Will send proof to Niantic, but they will probably not do anything.

Isn’t that kind of rubbing it in?

On the other hand, by the time you get to Adelaide again maybe Niantic will have added a trade option that doesn’t re-roll the traded mon’s stats…

That’s not something I do to people I don’t know personally. I doubt anybody remembers, but the very first post I made on this forum was when I shared my friend code, but I also mentioned having that second perfect Mewtwo that I was looking to trade to anybody nearby.
Been about 6 months now and the only friend that I trade with would be happy, but can’t seem to trade legendaries or shinies with him.

Last few days I’m having to re-log into the game numerous times a day after it just suddenly drops connection with the game server.
It’s really starting to annoy me doing this 5-6 times a day. Back to the bad old days of the unstable PTC server by the looks.

Restarting the App just gets me to here and I have to sign out and re log in all the time.


Here, too. Just a couple of weeks ago the game released several raid upgrades, and I noticed it got dramatically more-forgiving of weak network connections, letting me start attacking in situations that used to have it stuck on “GO” for ages (sometimes without returning). Just a couple of days ago that seemed to revert to its old, frustrating ways (even worse about half the time).

Like the old “two steps forward, two steps back”, I guess.

Why it’s marked as not available?
I have seen yesterday a friend evolve an Eevee in Sylveon.
If they want to say it’s not catchable in the wild, please put then a correct text.

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