Team Rocket


You need to join our Discord


I don’t know how it works. Never tried it.


Download it and then @Cup should be able to send you an invite


I have looked if I could get the Team Rocket Quiz topic back, I can find the topic but I can’t get in it. Sorry guys😕


Yeah, I was about to take it but it disappeared.


Go team rocket!


What do you want to do first?

  • Team Rocket quiz
  • Meowth’s challenges
  • I have an idea! (write in the comment)

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I have downloaded it and I have created an account.


Cup should be able to send you invite. I’m not sure how to


@Branebs when you get it let me know and I’ll send you the link


I’m ready.





  1. In which game did Team Rocket’s Jessie and James first appear?
    A. Pokemon Red
    B. Pokemon Blue
    C. Pokemon Yellow


C, Yellow


I will be posting new questions after more people answer the previous one and then I will reveal the correct answer. I’ll be keeping track of the scores and in the end I will reveal the titles/ranks for each place. If you are first, you’ll be given the title: Giovanni (rank: the boss).


Then I go for C.




C yellow



No d