Team Rocket


Lol yea I seen that we got you we won’t go super crazy


I tried to keep it restrained. We still got a week to go!


I said that as well in the pm lol
If it crosses the line I will end this party


Since you are Giovanni, you must give us some tasks and missions to accomplish. What Pokemon to catch and how many and so on.


Try and catch, I don’t know, a total of 10 cacnea and/or seviper, 10 koffing and/or ekans and 10 meowth

Evolutions of these Pokemon count as the pre evolved forms


Done. First of course with 10 Cacnea, because Seviper is pretty hard to catch around here. :stuck_out_tongue: What is the next job? As Mewtwo I’ll decide after reading to obey or not, lol.


Next quest comes tomorrow


Where’s the proof? We need screenshots. I will post mine when I finish.


My proof is in the What’s Spawned thread. Just check there


Giovanni (@Brobraam), what’s happening with the forum? My topic has disappeared.


What topic?


Team Rocket quiz.


Topic was deleted. (Not by me though)

I am busy closing threads from October last year lol


Strange. But why would someone delete it?



I know who deleted it but don’t know why that person has


It’s a normal topic. I prepared some questions. It isn’t spam.


Hmm dunno


Anything Team Rocket related this week will probably be deleted.


Then I’ll have to do it here. But how many people will see it?