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Prepare for trouble! Make it double!

Welcome to the first Team Rocket Day! Or should I say days, because it lasts 2 days so that people from all over the world can participate. Today 28 September, Team Rocket take over the forum! This topic is the base for all the actions of Team Rocket, but they can also spread throughout the forum. Here are the rules for participation:
• every participant should change their profile picture to the picture of the character they play during Team Rocket Day
• characters can be members of Team Rocket, their Pokemon or the good guys Ash Ketchum, Brock, Misty, etc. and their Pokemon
• the idea is to have fun and play the roles (like cosplay) which means that you can write anything your character would say or you can use quotes from the anime
• this is just a game so don’t take things too seriously
• you are encouraged to post pictures from the anime, memes, write humorous comments and discuss your favorite characters and episodes from the show
• if this event succeeds, there will be more of that in the future.
Have fun and let the Team Rocket Day begin! :smirk_cat::rocket:

Lets talk - (anything)
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Lets talk - (anything)


Wobbuffet just caught a Mewtwo to give to Giovanni.


Giovanni will be pleased… For the first time :sweat_smile:


Has anyone picked to be Giovanni? Come to eastern panhandle of WV and you can have a Mewtwo. I don’t need 4.


Whoever changes their profile picture to Giovanni can be him.


Used up both my son’s raid passes while he was at school. But got him 2 Mewtwos, so I don’t think he will really care.


I’m waiting for Jessie and James to help me catch some legendary Pokemon.


My son was actually very happy he got 2 new Mewtwos out of the deal.


This is my favorite quote


Mines here


We are looking for Jessie. Jessie, where are you? Change your profile picture so we can see you.


Proof that James is Team Valor in Pokemon GO.



Lol! :rofl:


To protect the world from devastation!
To unite all people within our nation!





Team Rocket can image