Team Rocket


O well then C for the win Alex lol


hi Bobbyjack


My dad can’t post here anymore.


It’s cool he will be back Hes one of the most active people on here


The quiz will continue soon. Stay tuned for the next question. If you want to participate, do that before I reveal the answer to the first question.


Spy here from the region of Caria’s Evil Team, expect an invasion soon…

  • eTma sotFr

(Unscramble it)


I cant edit to save my life


Is it team frost


Team frost?




@Cup @coolguy761 @Jormdeworm @UltraInstinct841 are the ones who participate in Team Rocket quiz. Does anyone want to join them before I ask the next question? I won’t count the score for those who join in too late.


Answer C


I do not want to participate as I just don’t know anything about Team Rocket. :sweat_smile:


Don’t worry. This is for fun and who knows, maybe you know more than you think.


Last call for those who want to participate in the quiz. Next question is coming.


The correct answer is C. Pokemon Yellow. @UltraInstinct841 @Jormdeworm @coolguy761 @Cup @Brobraam you all answered correctly and have one point.


2. Why did Meowth learn to talk?
A. to impress Giovanni
B. to impress his love interest Meowzie
C. to be accepted by the people
D. to be a movie star in Hollywood


I say B


It’s b


Sorry for being late. I would say A