Team Rocket


Ha! Me and Cup almost got it canceled before it even started! Extra Team Rocket points for us.


Wait until the Team Rocket Week event. It’s gonna be a crazy party. We’re gonna rock this forum.


We need more of this on Team Rocket day.


I looked at that as a badge of honor. Almost got banned! Lol!


Now all we need is some actual bans to get this party rolling


Well, you can make it more interesting to draw. You can draw him using Pay Day or playing the guitar or something else. Look at these pictures to get some inspiration. Team Rocket Week will be mid June so it would be nice of you if you could finish the drawing before the event.


Post your fanmade Pokemon


Post your fanmade Pokemon

Thank you @VanHooIII! :smile::+1::smiley_cat::rocket:
You are now honorary member of Team Rocket!






I’m maxed out now on bag space and Pokémon storage. Now I can start saving coins for my Team Rocket sweater.




Will take 8 days to save up for it.


It’s incredible never seen someone whose done with bag pack and Pokémon storage


I’ve gone single incubator for about a month to be able to do it.


When does Team Rocket Week officially start?





We must capture Pikachu!
I don’t care about ash!


Wait, whose Jessie and James
I need them now!