Share your Raid Catches!



I won’t raid against Claydol because I caught enough Baltoy to make it pointless.


Those Groudon and Kyogre are maxed


The point is not to get claydol, who needs it anyway, the point is to beat the raid boss


Yes, same as both gengars
and eggy at L39


Claydol is more on the defensive end, that’s a great challenge to solo it, nice accomplishment!


The only reason I raid is to catch the monster. Right now the only raids I’m doing are Mewtwos.


@Kingstony @Necrozmadabest @NotanotherKangaskhan is it possible to beat Shuckle with the lobby hack?


Good question, probably not because you need more strenght than just few extra seconds but Im not the right person to answer it properly as I never was interested in shuckle since I learned you cannot solo it


So annoying considering its attack :man_facepalming::upside_down_face:


Or you could just say that you dont have the right guns for the job, we here not to judge you know. But to say that you dont raid challenges because you have enough candies…meh of an excuse really :joy:


It takes like 300 seconds if I remember correctly? So no


Not interested in doing a raid if I don’t need the monster.


Whatever floats your boat man, Im also not implying that solo raids are the true way of life, but its one of the very few challenges you can get from this game


Same, unless I can do a raid on an EX Gym.


I noticed people on my local discord bragging about doing solo raids. Never saw the point to it, but it’s cool to challange yourself. I like doing the raids with lots of people for the social aspect of it. I only use the free passes, so I don’t raid that often.


Its not only a cool thing, I always say that only by soloing raid you can see where your team stands, when they will introduce pvp that might change things a bit but as for now I wouldnt risk taking someone to a short man raid if he cant prove himself being able to solo same type and (similar) moves packing weaker version of the boss


:scream: I do any raid I can do.

I can barely ever do them :scream::scream::scream:


I must add solo T3 raid gives pretty decent rewards too and you dont have to wait for somebody being late or lose the jolly good mood you are in when see aggron and lugia fighting next to you :joy:


And you get immense satisfaction at the end :joy: