Share your Raid Catches!



Share your Raid Catches!

I caught this today. :slight_smile:


no shiny yet


Two shinies till now.


Cmon i dont even have Ho Oh yet


You are not the only one, not enough raiders most of the time here. Or I’m late as usual…


Im a rural so its worse 4 me


and 4 me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


15+ ho oh no shiny. Jheez.


:sweat_smile:. One more day, good luck.


Today I walked for 45 minutes to my local gym and was suprised to see a 3 star raid about to hatch! So I waited for a minute, and it was Tangela.

First attempt on taking it down

My battle party:
The reason I lost was because of Arcanine and how the weather wasnt on my side.


Second attempt:
I searched what was good agaunst it and it said “water”.

So here is my new battle team:

But Gyrados was not very effective, and whenever my pokemom fainted it switched me to him, costing precious time.

Final Result:

Third Attempt:
I knew exactly what to do now with my battle party.

But out of no where a car shows up and a woman steps out and joins. Level 36.

We battle and win of course.

But I wanted a solo… the weather was now sunny and I had a good battle party. For some reason the woman only used Charizard :joy:.

I beat her and got 14 balls: Screenshot_20180903-105909

And then I got this beauty:

I know it doesnt look like much but it was better than the other Tangela I had with 60 % IV 4 attack.

So share your raiding stories here!


I see it. And I have interesting raid stories to share, but I’ll do that tomorrow.


Look forward.


@Mew1 this???


I raid against Regirock with Focus Blast today, first round there were 7 trainers, most were using legendary such as Lugia, but it was time out, not enough time and damage toward Regirock. Second round there were double number of trainers, 180s to spare.


Wow, how was there so many people?


I don’t know, maybe when we started the first round, those other trainers did not join the lobby on time.


Wow many groups are going out to raid Regirock :muscle:


I think it’s by coincidence. I was lucky to be able to join.


Haha, was there 20 people?


About 14.