Share your Raid Catches!



Oh :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.

So many people like trash cans…


I think they are more toward the items received from the raid, Rare Candy, TMs.


And XP :heart_eyes:


You are right :grinning:


If I may Id like to point out your mistakes.
If you dont have any fire legendaries, blast burn charizard is your #1 pick, then of course flareon but also depends on its moves. Never use water against grass type, you will do no damage and just gonna waste time, you want to burn that weed, not water it. Also flying type, if you have as/aa rayquaza, use it. Anyway good job on taking a challenge, that way you learn and know where you need improvment


Well said mate!


One other thing you probably didnt beat that woman and her charizards its just how damage points are being split, you deffo done enough to earn 3 balls, but so did she. This is the reason of splitting in raids. Cant remember but is it 21% to get 3 balls, if Im right that means in 1 raid up to 4 people can get full 3


Well, here’s a list of my best raid catches and why they have value to me:

Legendaries first:
Mewtwo, 87%
Rayquaza, 93% (until there’s a shiny this will do😊)
Zapdos, 98%
Shiny Lugia, 93%
Ho-oh, 98%

Regular raids:
Snorlax, 96% (i walked 349km to get candy for him)
Lapras, 98%


I picked my team based on how much damage they did.

My Charizard has low cp and attack.


That might be false accusation, obviously only if it has BB. And what source told you to use water against grass?


When I searched “what is good against Tangela” it came up with it.


Not to have a dig at you but dude Im on 5th article on google and none of them mentioned water type as a good counter, you probably just misread it :sweat_smile:


Yesterday 4 man raid after 3 others backed out being scared we dont have enough :rofl: :man_shrugging:


This is something I will never understand… it’s like they loose their propper life.

What will happen if it doesn’t work? Using some revives more than usual?


A lot of people in community Im coming from limit their playing usually by just raiding so they barely have dust and dont store enough resources, obviously not powering up their pokemon leading to gangbang that poor raid boss thing with recomended aggron and lugia. I be honest there wasnt a single day since Ive started playing that I lack of revives or potions. I enjoy raiding (especially solo T3) that way I know where my teams are standing, but I also never ignore the pokestop or something valuable (even as a candy) on my nearby






Wish i had that