Share your Raid Catches!



And thats me done, only 9tails and claydol left if they ever gonna come back


I beat her.
Look at the bars for each team.


But she still got 3 damage balls and its just an optical illusion with them bars, trust me, if she used charizards she done better as it has double typing equally strong against grass that way giving her more resistance if grass moves on tangela plus in case of blast burn and obviously depending on her pokemon lvl I think she did outperform your team, sorry if thats not what you want to hear bro


No no no.

I looked at her screen and she was using 1600 cp Charizard, and she barely did any damage :wink:.


In that case, I apologise, my bad :sweat_smile:


My only raid today. I’m going to try to get a better one or two or three this month before powering one up.



The one I got this morning is only 82%


I have 3 raids on the legend right next to the house, but in my city I have not yet met people with the game, but I know for sure that they are, but I can not find any live forum with my region.
very sad.


Really a sad situation, I wish you good luck to find other players around…


Just go to the raid and see if you can join in. Most players I’ve met have been very friendly.


Here is my Mewtwo I caught this afternoon.


So, Friday (it was the last day for the Gen 1 legendary birds), I did 3 raids in a row. I was desperate to catch a shiny Articuno and a shiny Zapdos (caught none during their days, but caught 3 moltres during its day).
So I started with an Articuno raid, and boom: shiny. Then, Moltres (I just wanted candies); boom: shiny. And last, Zapdos: boom, shiny. I couldn’t believe it. I suppose I’ve been quite lucky.
Now I really want a shiny Ho-oh. I did about 35 raids during its event last month, and nothing. For Lugia, this summer, 15 raids, 2 shinies. The odds…



Got Mewtwo #4 this afternoon. No more raids for me until Thursday.


I got one the exact same cp


It’s a 71%:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Mine was 84 %


Sneaky morning raid


Did 2 Mewtwo Raids. Caught both for my son but only 1 for me.