Share your Raid Catches!



Im fuming… it timed up :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


You failed???


Yes, even though the exit button disappeared with 5s remaining


Solo effort (Sunny weather Vs. Flamethrower)


First Mewtwo since Saturday.


Could you have won if you didnt stop to take screenshot


No. Look how strong Mewtwo still is.


Talking about the Claydol.


Nah, I used lobby trick and I was recording


I soloed Alolan Raichu today with this team. (Houndoom 2265, Houndoom 2185, Houndoom 2218, Groudon 2950, Dragonite 3250) (Probably what did the most damage was groudon or houndoom 1/3 ( Since there was lag I was able to attack but not be attacked on houndoom 3). What was cool was that I managed to win with Dragonite :joy:


Congratulations @Pokemon, what moveset does Alolan Raichu have? And how many seconds left?


6 seconds, I have screenshot, but they wont load.

And it was Volt Switch, Pyschic.


Pretty good, congratulations @Pokemon


Thanks, what did you do?

(Going to a hocky game for the first game, the Kings opening night)


:fu: finally it can F off :smile:


What team/level of Pokémon did you raid against Claydol?


Groudon and eggy were boosted by weather, both gengars packing SC/SB and I forgot to use lobby trick either :sweat_smile:

Edit. Claydol had psychic as charged, not sure about fast though


Lobby Trick? @Kingstony


When you wait in the lobby with empty battle party then when timer goes off it gives you 5s extra to join the battle.
Edit. So instead of getting 175s for battle because of lag you can get 178 or sometimes even full 180s