Share your Raid Catches!



Trio Vs. Dragon Claw (no WB).


How many Pokemon did you use? @Kingstony


Nearly 2 full teams, I was max reviving, the other guy had 2 teams pre set, and not sure about 3rd one



Wow,that is a high IV Giratina!


Very first raid I had 96 runner, yesterday caught 96 with A13, this one is from my 501st legendary raid :grin:


2 man Vs. Hyper beam (no WB).


First one!




All 6 Tyranitar with Bite/Crunch? Need re-lobby?


I had 2 teams ready, my 1st:
2 Gengar L40 SC/SB;
2 M2 L40 PC/SB;
Scizor L40 FC/XS
Ttar L40 B/C.

4 Ttar L30+ B/C.

In a screenshot Im on my last Ttar from a 2nd team.


Going to save a raid pass tomorrow so I have an extra one for Saturday.


Quick tip for those who want as many free raid passes on saturday as possible. If you save pass from today and dont raid tomorrow, then saturday you do first raid in the morning before gengar but set your time to first zone on the list that way you will go back to friday, after raid spin the gym and receive a pass, then switch back to your normal time zone and use all the free passes you’ll get, at the end switch time to your last zone on the list and you should end up on sunday, restart the game and claim your last free pass in advance. Good luck to all shiny hunters and raiders


2nd one!


My best out of the 6 Gengar raids I did. No Shinies.:disappointed:


Decided to test my MM Metagross, well happy with result. (Vs. Play Rough, no WB). :grin:


@Kingstony, pretty fast. I want to test mine too. How many and what levels are your MM Metagross used in this raid?


Thanks, used 4 Metagross:
L40, L31, L30, L24. I was only 1 charged away on my 3rd MG but granbull happened to be a bit faster. Im pretty sure 2 maxed MG and couple dodges could easily do the job


So even though you put 4 MM Metagross on your battle party, you only use 3, L40, L31 and L30?


Seems so, 2400 cp looks like L24 to me.