Share your glitches


Happens if you leave the app during a raid, meaning if you scroll to another app during the timing then come back.


Thank you, I did not know that.


That makes sense I Was going back-and-forth between discord and pokemon


I usually just visit the forum whenever I have to wait for the Raid.


It sucks because now you have to stare at the clock for the full 2 mins or deal with the glitch


First ever Tier 7 egg!!

(Nah, just a Tier 5 egg. But this egg is a rich purple; aren’t they usually silver?)

[after checking images from past months, I guess I just never noticed the bottom part of T5 eggs has been purplish for a long time . . . .
To borrow Roseanne Roseannadanna’s well-worn response to realizing everything she said was based on a simple misunderstanding: Never Mind!]