Share your glitches


I was strolling around a local mall today when the game glitched the display of my trainer, flashing between normal size and giant. It also really messed up the rendering of the Arcanine that was a nearby gym defender. I was still able to spin pokestops and catch pokemon. But I did not test gym attacks, and there were no raids in the mall to test raiding for the couple of hours I was there. Here are a few screen shots I managed to get during the episode.

Things went back to normal after I restarted the game later.


Thats so crazy


I finally got it on camera, but this is a small glitch


The raid egg is leaning lol


I see that a lot during community days


I see the leaning egg a lot.
The strange one I’ve been getting more and more of is no Raid Boss on a Gym and go to click on it and find there’s a Raid on the Gym with 15-20min left but no sign externally it has a Raid on.


Yeah, happens here as well. And another one is, that the egg is in the down part, mixed up with the structure of the gym.



getting worse.





It’s gonna fall!!!


Trainer Battle Glitch




Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…



It isn’t very apparent in the screenshot I took, but a moment ago a nearby gym showed the telltale signs of battle inside after a Dialga raid had begun. It was almost as hilarious as the never-ending raid-egg-start-to-hatch animation (though MUCH more short-lived).