Share your glitches


Share funny glitches that happened to you!





I got Some lol




I made that screenshot to share that a lot of Stops were lured but later I noticed there weren’t any PokéStops.


Oh lol


Hitmonchan vs Hitmonchan
9999 cp vs 9999 cp
fire/water type vs fire/water type
3/4 hp vs 3/4 hp
shows gyms and pokestops in the background (normal screen)


I have a awful one that has ruined my friendships







1/2 pokemon are running from me


Stuck in AR+ mode



Had something like that a week ago.

Snow kept falling, but no movement of the ball.


Have seen the late-closing ball several times over the last 3 years. It usually closes after a second or so. As for having no movement… that seems most often to accompany poor network reception that leaves the ball frozen right before the catch/escape countdown is supposed to finish. That used to always come with the ‘spinning disk of death’ in the screen’s upper left corner, and often lead to a “network error” if it timed out.


The ball did close but nothing happend. Restarted the game, Pokemon caught. It happend twice on that same day actually.


Every day after school I have at least 4 glitches


I ran into a shiny Kabuto and managed to catch it I saw the ball close animation and then the game crashed when I reloaded I was so happy to see I had caught it that was a very scary day