Siamese twin glitch


Has someone else had this glitch before?

Why doesn't my evolve feature work?
Share your glitches

I haven’t had it myself, but there have been a few posts about it in my local group.




EVOLVE IT RIGHT NOW, PLEASE. please evolve it buddy.


Only on the map


I wont, becouse I haven’t met the conditions to make a second espeon yet.



I figured out how to trigger it, with amazing results on Snorlax


How do you trigger it?


Place a Pokemon in a gym. Then go away from the gym and use the remote feeding system to feed your gym defender a berry. Then immediately exit and go click on your buddy. If all goes well you should see the sprite change position on the buddy screen. Click on it again to enter its stats page and it should duplicate itself.


Nailed it :joy:

It doesn’t look as good as Snorlax though.


Double shiny Dragonite


It didnt work for me


It’s worked for me every time I’ve tried it, that’s weird


two metang make up 1 metagross right?


One of the local people on Discord posted a picture of the Lotad he caught. Looked normal except it had 4 eyes.


Like this perhaps?


Yes. Exactly like that. Just traumatzed my son showing him that picture.



This is scary!