[Q&A] Who has Shinies?



: Community day. Spawn rate was ridiculous…!!!


Ive got two shiny magikarps and one of which is now a gyarydos and 3 shiny pikas and 1 shiny raichu


I remember you from the other forum and I’m glad you finally got a shiny magikarp! When The other forum shut down I wondered if you ever got one. :joy: I still have zero shiny anything.


Got shiny Luvdisc for VD.

“…said Ripley to the android Bishop”


Ok I have none.


I have a total of 9. Yesterday I caught a shiny snorunt which ended up being 96%!


have a shiny duskull, shuppet and 3 pickachu’s. All caught during events (halloween / community day) so somewhat less special for me.

Caught no other shinies, despite trying my best with raids and hunting during last 3 events events these 2 weeks.


I’ve got two shiny mawiles in 5 raids, and two gyaradoses shiny


I have only 1-Shiny Pikachu from previous Pokemon GO Community Day


I have 4 shiny Pikachu and 1 for Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite

  • One shiny Shuppet that went into Banette,
  • One shiny Magicarp waiting for evolving despite pathetic cp & IV.
  • Since last community day, 2 Dragonites (cp 3000+, IV 87 and 62) and 8 more Dratinis left (best IV 78)
    (missed Pikachu Com. Day)


I am triggered my brother caught 29 dratinis and got 3 shinys while I caught like 34 dratinis and didnt get 1 shiny




Got a shiny Poochena while drving home late last night coming from my GF, after we got back from catching a wild Unown, followed by a 100% IV Mudkip on my nest at home :smile:

Only other shinies I have are 5 dratinies and 3 Pikachus (com. day events) and a shuppet and duskull (halloween event). No luck with raid shinies despite trying a lot.


2 Dragonites; 8 Dratinis
1 Banette
1 Party Pikachu
1 Magicarp


1 aron 1 party raichu


Okay, this is insane. Another wild unown spawned today. I’m now at 11 different Unowns, 9 from events and 2 wild spawns within 24 hours. This is even better than shinies!


I have:
1 duskull
1 dusclops
1 Aron
1 surf Pikachu
11 dratini
1 party hat pikachu
1 party hat raichu
1 mightyena
However, my two most-encountered possible shinies are luvdisc and swablu which I have zero


1 garados
1picachu with a party hat
1 dratini
1 dragonair
1 dragomite
And 1 Aron but didn’t realise he was shiny and I deleted him :rage:


12 Pikachu
21 Dratini
1 Dragonair
1 Dragonite
1 Pichu
1 Aggron
1 Swablu
1 Luvdisc