[Q&A] Who has Shinies?



Nice; congrats. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a shiny Pokemon other than Magikarp, and they’ve all had absolute crap for CP.


This is one shiny Gyarados caught as a Magikarp with about 26 CP, after I evolved it and then dumped tons of candies and stardust to power it up to something useful.

I’m inclined to think most shinies are a costly vanity, considering the disproportionate quantity of resources it takes to make them useful, versus more ordinary Pokemon with better IV / CP traits.


Please tell me that was a worthy IV of all that Dust and Candy?

Not all of them a re crap.
A friend caught a 93IV over 100CP Shiny Karp. Took her 3 days to tell me as she wasn’t chasing them and knew I’d be farming 2 nests over 2 weeks and had caught over 500+ for no Shiny.


My son got a Shiny Snorunt on his 4th day of playing the game. He has the same number of Shinys that I do since playing from July of 2016.


I’ve powered my shiny Gyarados up all my stardust. It’s just 49% iv but has 15 attack.


15 Attack with Waterfall and Hydro Pump does make it quite useful.
I wouldn’t go past L30 with that though.


Shiny Karp #4 not too far from where I got the Snow Cone 5 days ago.


Caught this guy at the last raid I did Friday evening on my way home from work!!!


OMG lucky have dusclops shiny but none else


A Shiny Karp with over 100 CP? Sweet. After the amount of futility you’d had, that had to sting a little. Looking at that 135CP Shiny Karp, though, it appears your efforts did bear fruit in a big way – kudos for that.


That’s nothing compared to how long before my first Shiny Karp. My close hunting freinds gave me so much crap as I was farming nests on the Push Bike where ever I could find one. One called in to see me at one of the nests one day and the first Karp they clicked on was Shiny for them. I copped it for weeks until I got my own.

I tracked everything and logged weekly reports on another Forum that sadly shut down so I lost 8 days of data while I was farming a local nest for an hour each day before work…
Lucky I regularly updated my close hunting group through Telegram on the progress so I was able to recover the results and convert them into a spread sheet in Google docs.I reset the day counter and encounters each time I get one. I count Dust offs as well as Captures as it’s easy to work out from the caught and seen in the Poke Dex.

Here’s the run down of all 4

Shiny #1
Caught 2017 September 15th_564 encounters, 148 days_107CP, 53%_28 were Raids

Shiny #2
Caught 2017 September 24th_77 encounters, 9 days_20CP_19%_1 was a Raid (this is where I lost the 8 days of traceable data, I estimate roughly 50-70 Karp and 3-4 Raids in that time extra)

Shiny #3
Caught 2017 December 12th_410 encounters, 77 days_135CP_74%_17 were Raids

Shiny #4
Caught 2018 January 6th_40 encounters, 24 days_84CP_44%_2 have been Raids


Level 39, 17442 Pokemon caught. Never captured a shiny yet (or seen any in the wild).


Lvl 31 havn’t seen one yet. My brother who has less play time already has two, he got both at work.


Don’t have Dusclops but do have a shiny Duskull.


I have shines as a ghost I’m still trying to figure all this other stuff y’all are talking about I guess you can call me an immature cuz I don’t have a clue what you are talking about don’t know where you’re at but I mean Tennessee USA


Magikarp 1/200
Gyarados 1/2 (evolved)
Pichu 0/7
Pikachu 0/70
Raichu 0/6
Shuppet 0/20
Banette 0/3
Duskull 0/25
Dusclops 0/5
Sableye 0/10
Snorunt 0/14
Glalie 0/0
Absol 0/1
Mawile 0/0


Who had a shiny but just started playing with zero background knowledge?

My brother asked me to install and achieve level 5 before he brought my nephew into the city to pick me up slash raid like vikings back at Thanksgiving.

From my apartment I can access a gym and 3 pokestops without effort. I can also access a few more of both just moving around inside the apartment. Needless to say I would be full and often have to grind up pokemon and throw away balls just to catch/get more.

I was still fairly fresh into my new addiction and still half-paused at the “Are you sure you want to transfer…” but was also knew I NEEDED MORE CANDY. I just thought the rewording coming up a second time with shiny worked into it was maybe a way of saying “Slow down you’re killing them faster then we can replace them”.

Not the first (or sadly the last time) candy has been my downfall.


Been playing since July of '16. Got my 2nd Shiny tonight on a Mawile raid.


After the Community event everyone should have a shiny Pikachu


Unfortunately whilst I caught 2, one of my friends did not catch any. However one of my friends interestingly caught 2 in a row, (even more interesting was it was the first 2 Pikachu they tapped on) but on the wrong account as their main account was softbanned. When they were unsoftbanned their first Pikachu back on their main account was shiny lol