[Q&A] Who has Shinies?



12 Pikachu
21 Dratini
1 Dragonair
1 Dragonite
1 Pichu
1 Aggron
1 Swablu
1 Luvdisc


How many dratini did you encounter, I encountered 300 and got 11 shinies, 23 shinies is really impressive!


I believe I encountered a similar amount to you. I didn’t catch anything really during the event, and purely was shiny hunting moving from Dratini to Dratini.


Ridiculous amounts of Aron, swablu, and luvdisc but still nothing😿


468 Swablu & 415 Aron caught with 0 shiny. I was however talking to a fellow raider 2 days ago about my lack of shiny GEN III (he apparently has had to delete some :joy:) then caught a shiny Aron on the way back to work my girlfriend’s account… :confused:







just a shiny bulbasaur from last community day



That is AMAZING.


I feel blessed by Arceus himself


Two of my pikachu are party hat by the way


With this shiny, I got:

  • My first Wynaut

  • My first shiny Wynaut

  • My first shiny that hasn’t been boosted with events

  • Jealous people


you probably are.


sorry 'bout that


meant for someone else. I know i’m jealous


you probably are