Pvp discussion



That was the right answer


@5GodLink I think you destroyed me in ultra league so now we are 1-1


@5GodLink 2-1 well played.
But I think its 2-2 because didn’t you destroy me in master?


Not saying it is


You havent sent me a friend request


Are you on my friend list if not PM me your code


Sorry I forgot please remind me tommorow


Used it, worked great (no pun intended)


@pokemon wanna battle


I just did a fight but couldn’t collect any rewards because my bag is full.


We need another bag update.


After the first training of the day with team leader, if my bag is full, of course I cannot get the reward, can I still get the reward from winning the next training??


Yes you can


Same goes with battling ultra/best, right??


As far as I know


Thanks @Cup


@MrHeineken88 gg well played.
What level to unlock Master league???


I don’t know. Might be tiggered by the amout of Pokemon above 2500 cp


Two simple searches online produced no answer for this, so I want to ask: Is PvP supposed to support dodging left/right? Is it expected to support dodging in the future?

I’m inclined to think that as long as network delays remain an issue, the battles will be attack-only exercises to see how long our fingers can stand to tap our screens quickly.


No dodgning in pvp in order to prevent everyone from dodging charged moves.