Pvp discussion



I don’t know he is fighting and water though


Yeah but Still it is super effective I think


I don’t know I was thinking the same thing you are


I’m ready when you are Boss Lapras


I sent request


Dang. Well played. It was all a matter of lapras not being that good against raikou.


That was a pretty intense battle


This is a lot of fun I’ll be up all night long if anyone wants to battle let me know


Once my wife found out this was put in the game, she was pissed. Even made her more angry when my son and I started battling this morning.

  • 1500 cp can be in great league
  • It can’t.

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Can we battle then I want to battle bobby again


I wish you can spectate battles


Send some battles my way.


@Pokemon you need to make a thread just for battle request @Pokemon have you battled @5GodLink


She feels almost like this game is another woman that I am cheating on her with because of the time spent on it.


I’m waiting :wink:


Lol I guess you are cheating on her with blanche or candela


I understand this my wife gets mad about it too especially on Community Days or raid days


Both of them are hot, but my wife is hotter!