Pvp discussion



Is great/ ultra league good?
If you want to arrange the battle.


So far I’m doing pretty good the only thing is if anyone wants to battle with me they have to let me know when I accept the request nothing happens when I send the request it works though and good game Bobby Jack



I think me and you are tired I want a few last night and so did you I think we’re tired we need to have the tiebreaker


Anyone want to battle just send a request for great or ultra league


You use some tricky pokemon, but i been battling alot of other trainers and learning a few things. Really gotta win and lose to get all the tricks.


cup I challenged you


That is very true but so far in the 1500 category Registeel holds up really damn good


Okay login and I’ll send the request best of three matches what league


I already sent request


Okay give me a sec let me see if it’ll work


No gps lol


Put lucky egg on


@bobbyjack8 you ready?


@Pokemon @5GodLink @bobbyjack8 PM so your codes so I can add you guys


I’m going to need you to send me your code I have 200 + pending request PM me your code and I’ll add you


I’m feeling pretty good right now Flex


That was a close battle I was about to use thunderbolt when you used your move I thought I would win but raikou sucks


I’m not going to lie I thought you had it


How did raikou do so bad against poliwrath