Pvp discussion



PVP will be announced tommorow.


Really can’t wait for this and hope it’s something we can do unlimited without something like raid passes or dust needed. Since the hurricane came through my area I haven’t been able to get out much for spins to keep balls for catching, raid etc. This feature will hopefully allow my grandson and I to have something we can do regardless of all of that.


Hopefully you and your grandson have the best of battles! Can’t wait for your stories!


He’s 3 and enjoys everything from viewing the Pokédex, changing avatar to throwing away all my balls and, gasp, sometimes transferring Pokémon lol. He is missing a shiny that he had to of transferred lmao.


@Pokemon, you might be the first one that I will be battling


My army of MM Metagross is waiting for your challenge, lol




We will see, be prepared, lol


Unless it rewards dust I dont really care


Same. Theres a problem with rewards for PVP though.
Its easilly abused by multi accounters. So to counter that they either give no rewards, wich makes it really uninteresting to me even IF they implement it well, OR they give rewards but you need to do ALOT of battles wich probably makes it tedious and would also be a reason not to do it to much.

So im kinda skipping this hype train for PVP and sit at the station waiting for an other destination.


Or, instead of blocking features and not giving them to regular trainers, they can give us dust for battling and… Finally ban multi-accounters? I swear their security is absolute garbage


You are sure this time now? :joy: @Pokemon




Announcement is here:



Quite cool tbh!


Training does


Jormdeworm I was correct :exploding_head:


hmm 3v3 instead of 6v6 and you can train and fight anyone in the world?

Start adding my FC, it’s battle time.



You can get Sinnoh Stone from this!