Pvp discussion



Thanks. I guess that became necessary when they decided the fight should pause whenever a charge attack is initiated, to allow players to tap their screens to affect how much charge is in the throw or in the defensive shield against it.

I prefer the immediate attack when the trainer hits the button, as it does (more or less) in normal gym fights. The pause to attack feels too contrived. (On the other hand, it IS sort of consistent with the way the pokemon target circle stops shrinking the instant the trainer throws a ball.)


@5GodLink you are the master of master league


This defending mechanics blows. I really dislike it.


@pokemon can do pvp


Ok send a request


Ok sent to you and quick




I sent you one




I sent you an ultra league


Master league can?


Anyone can master league


we friends? @Lingyujie


No sorry


@Kevin_v_Hoften can pvp master league


I can whenever you want right now


@Pokemon, when you sent me request last night, after I clicked let’s battle, then nothing happened, went back to the normal screen.


That happens to me all the time when I see it too late


Then I sent the request right back, keep waiting for opponent to accept challenge.


That happened to me a bunch at work this morning