Pvp discussion



I use it all the time.


Oh it’s good to make someone waste their Shields


You shouldn’t give out your strategy here on the internets.


I tell everybody what I use cuz I know how to counter it so I know how to counter the counters lol


I have not received your gift yet


It got sent this morning.


ill get all the sinnoh stonds with my team rocket lineup


Thanks, already open it


Watching two trainers go at it repeatedly since the new year, I’ve been amused to notice the one who needs a Sinnoh Stone keeps getting rare candy and even TMs, but never a Sinnoh Stone, while the other (who has evolved every Sinnoh Stone evolution at least once) keeps getting more Sinnoh Stones, whether he wins or loses the fight. They just battled again: The former won and got a TM, while the latter lost and got 2 more stones (to add to the 9 he already had in his bag).

Good grief. :rofl:


Sounds like its very entertaining


The reaction to the rewards (where each got what the other needed, again) was mildly entertaining; but the pvp contest, not so much.


Best one I ever had was we ended in a draw first time it ever happened to me and only time