Pvp discussion



If you dont have time as a kid, im gonna have bad news for your adult life :stuck_out_tongue:


Unless you just play while you’re at work like I do


Me too


Ik about time for adults but at least you know when you can play for 3 battles straight


Are you a kid? I knew you are a Pokémon


Lol you’ve met me


Stat boosts are comming, is that a desperate attempt at making Ancient Power Mamoswine usable?


And is ancient power mamoswine good at all


Very niche, but Giratina seems even more broken in UL


Stat boost from ancient power is possible, not guaranteed in PvP, right?


^^^2 more days


If you send me gift now, I can open it right away; or you open my gift, either way can make it 1 day left


I’ll send secret gift I was saving for @Jaxxon8


Lol, thanks @bobbyjack8


I opened yours. I will send send you gift tomorrow to open at your leisure because I have no eggs. Get your double XP when you want.


Alright, thanks


When you do, we will be Ultra Friends and we can fight.


Can anybody tell me how rampant is Tina in UL now?


I’m sorry I don’t know what you’re talkin