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Had that too. It appears the Premier Cup doesn’t count. Master League does.

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Just battled so much just for some shoes, think ill take a break. Only 1 person on my list has the N clothing…dont think ill be getting it…started to late.

So I guess Kanto Cup started for me. I forgot it started today.

Anyways, here’s the team I’m using for right now.

I need to grind a bit more stardust to get Wigglytuff on there somewhere.

Venusaur - Razorleaf, Frenzy Plant, Sludge Bomb - 12/11/15 - 1479 CP
Machamp - Counter, Payback (grinding stardust for second move) - 10/15/15 - 1497 CP
Raichu (Alolan) - Volt Switch, Psychic, Grass Knot - 13/12/10 - 1485 CP

Wigglytuff is 15/15/15 so I’m not too keen on using her, but she maxes out at 1480 something. She would probably replace Raichu but idk. She has Feint Attack, Play Rough and Ice Beam.

spreadsheet go brrr

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I don’t like battling.

I only do it if I’m forced to - like completing the Level 45 Challenge, ‘Battle in GBL 45 times’ task.

Anyhoo, I started the task by picking a team of 10cp critters and losing as quick as possible. But I noticed the teams I was facing were absolute drivel. So I knocked up a team of half-decent pokes (without spending any dust) and started to play properly.

Long story short, I’m currently on a winning streak of 110 consecutive battles. I’ve reached Level 14 and the battles are mostly still routine easy victories - I rarely have to use a second team member. I’ve gathered a ton of rare candy, dust and TMs and got a shiny Vulpix as a reward encounter.

I still don’t like battling.


What league are you mostly battling in?

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It’s all been in the end-of-season Kanto Cup.
Almost every team I’ve faced has a Snorlax as lead.
Lots of Hitmonlee and Tauros too.

Streak is now unbroken 120 wins.


The opposition has improved markedly since I got to Level 15… but the streak is still streaking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: