Pvp discussion



Well what’s up then


I did a battle with @ImNotReallyANerd


You beat him down right




Good job buddy


@cup, is he your brother?


Who you talkin about


The one that @Pokemon did a battle with. I guess he is not


Naw it’s mot


Losing gives better perks still?


I’m not sure. It’s been a while since I lost.




Something strange is happening when I fight with my friend.
In the first battle everything is going well. But when starts the first revenge, the game changes the pokemon which fight for my friend without any obvious reason, and in the second revenge again. Today we tried a fourth fight, only to see what happens, and again the team changed.


I’ve had it were forces you to pick a different Pokemon


I got 2 Sinnoh stones from Candela! :star_struck:

Candela is the best!


I got a stone from a Trainer last week, but it is rare.


Awesome! Just got a stone from Candela.


I meant to talk to you about that. You’re supposed to go 2/3 battles. Not one and run lol


I’m a kid, I can’t promise time, sorry.
I had to go


Ah. Makes sense. GG