Pvp discussion



Lol dude I just said that cuz it was me that he beat


Godzilla vs mutant cat


Godzilla beats all boy you know that


Finally! Another Sinnoh stone from Candela!

Thanks, Candy! You’re such a sweetheart!


I haven’t gotten a stone or candy since Saturday.


I haven’t remembered to do a training match since saturday.


this year I had 0 stones so far…


We should battle later, I think I can battle at 30 minutes to midnight for you


I’ll be ready to battle at midnight, EST. I already exceeded my battles for the day. I am willing to do free battles, so you guys can get your items though.


I’m not online at 9pm, on other days sure


Why not fight now?


My trainer battle gave me as always 300 stardust. :man_facepalming:


I’m doing purge of friends list now of inactive players. I’ll post here when I’m done.


I opened up 32 new spaces in my account. As anyone on here is aware I do exchange presents regularly. I’ll post friend code in appropriate thread.


I’dd added you.


I accepted. No gifts until I go back out though,


No problem. I’m patient.


Add my brothers I’ll PM you the codes later


Blanche is also generous! Thanks, Blanky!


i need sinnoh stones