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Disco was very popular so I don’t think you’re on the outskirts and I was told never work with family and I was challenged once by my cat and he never did it again can’t say what I did to make him stop though


I don’t think they changed the moves


Well i usually out dmg it without a charge move, owell. Good thing PVP isn’t serious buisness.


Listen to some Disco. It is way better than we have now. I’m listening to Grateful Dead tight now and I got censrrdl


Had a bit of a PvP play around on the wife and kids accts the last 2 days and made a few observations.
All the accounts have the Top friendship level with each other.
The only way I could get 2 accts to engage in a PvP battle with each other was to scan the Q code on one. If I went through the friends section and selected that PvP green disc the would get all the way to the Battle start page but would not enter into the battle arena. It would time out then back to normal play screen. All acct Apps are up to date.
Scan the Q code and all is good.
What also became clear is this is more about your devices and internet carriers ability to be able to handle the game.
I did a few battles and even stacked the team on one device to exploit weakness and still got destroyed due to device processing power.
2 stones on each acct was worth the effort. The only thing I’m missing out on my acct is the Rewards. The whole battle side for me is just meh. I’d rather go tear up Gyms.


tbh i felt that. I wouldn’t say who i lost to are not good trainers. Or even have weaker mon than myself. BUT i do notice that my atk seems to not actually attack when it suppose to. i am on a iphone 5s basically the worst iphone able to play Go. It lags. It even lags to call people, It just lags in every way. So i noticed that when i about to do charge move and I STRONGLY believe i press mine before my opponent, BUT not only do their go off first it feels like i am lagging even when tapping to charge. Can’t complaine. My solution would be to get a better phone. Glad you noticed that there is a difference in processing. Interesting catch!


Do ivs even matter🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Yes ivs matter in PVP
  • barely
  • Not really
  • Only in Master League
  • idk🤦🏽‍♂️

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Pvp rewards are kind of limited…


I find ivs to be very pointless. If a mon can do a critical super effective damage, is whats most important which is pretty RNG since you wont know what people are using.


I got 2 stones today for first time. So Battles are still relevant.


Maybe silver pinap can show up in RNG PVP reward


I think that every pvp battle should yield us 100 dust or some other small, small prize. That would add more incentive to the players who are not interested outside of the three battles a day for sinnoh stones. Also, this would allow trainers to replenish the stardust they have spent on creating their teams. 100 stardust per battle would not break the game considering it takes longer to battle than it does to catch one (non-weather boosted) Pokemon. Lastly, in my opinion, the winner of the battle could also be rewarded better/extra rewards


I got 2 rewards from Candela!

Thanks Candela, you’re the best!


My Tyranitar just 1 vs 3 Mewtwo

It was my first and only Pokemon used.



I can verify this story is 100% true




Oh my god, have we now to verify the mentions of others?
Isn’t it enough that he says what happens?

Anybody who doesn’t believe has to show that the other is a liar, but until then I believe.


Im pretty sure hes just saying it cause he was the one with 3 Mewtwo :sweat_smile:


I don’t normally get past @5GodLink’s first Pokémon so I believe it.


it was an intense battle.