Pvp discussion



My wife has to get up early this morning because the Federal Government has 3 hour early dismissal that you get paid for. Sucks she has to listen to Rubberband Man for next few hours.


Lol man would just get up and turn everything off also has anyone else’s PVP button been bugging


YouTube wants me to listen to Hot Choclate next and that sucks


Just Go With It YouTube knows what it’s doing
@5GodLink have you had this problem


I just put on Bee Gees


Wether you’re a Brother or a Mother you’re Stayin Alive.


not meme music, but i do get into mixs with songs i dont want to hear.


Just listen to it. It is stool cool 41 years later.


I mean the bug in pvp


Wuvlef Jean did much better version of song 20 years later


It’s alwright because it’s Saturday night.


So you were into disco at one point


My Lucario almost died to Infernape in training, usually takes out 2 mon. Idk if it’s my laggy phone or what you said :man_shrugging:t5:


it’s the game that’s lagging been having little problems here and there


I fnig love disco, wish it never went away. I sadly embraced EDM. But I got Into Gtareful Dead when I realized they had Their own channel. I fucking love my dogs and these bitches challange me ownership I’ll kill them


What the hell


Can’t tell when game lags or my phone. i have an old iphone.

Did notice yesterday that my Lucario took alot of dmg. Just now it happened where my mon took alot alot of dmg and gave almost none.


It might not be registering that you’re attacking but registering the damage


I’ve always been on outskirts of society and now tired of working with my sister


and since i didnt change my team and fight the same leader, i do see the difference. Lol, unless they randomly changed their moves.