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Best Marvel movie soundtrack is Guardians of the Galaxy part 1 in my opinion Infinity Wars is a good movie


It took me 3 years to convince my son to actually watch GOTG but when he finally did, he loved it. We got to watch volume 2 opening weekend in the theater.


That’s badass we met Michael Rooker at Comic-Con


I do that thing Yondu does to the dealer who Peter tries to sell the Orb to, when I know my kids are lying to me, and it drives them crazy.


Badass enjoy your movie


My kids are on break now, but they already went to bed. My wife has already gone to bed because she still has work tomorrow, so it’s just me and dogs watching Infinity War now.


Right on I’m at work and it’s dead and I found 30 gallons of yellow safety paint so I’m going to paint every damn thing including the office safety yellow tonight just to do it


Don’t do it. Not worth getting fired. Even though I’m on vacation next week, I feel great for the guys on my shift who only have to work 3 days while the building is closed. Also get 2 days of Holiday Pay for their trouble. I even get 16 hours of holiday in addition to my vacation pay!


It was so crazy that Rubberband Man was one of my favorite songs before the GOTG showed up in Infinity War.


I won’t we are rebilding every thing we are just making sure nothing gets stolen


Did PVP live up to expectations ?

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Are we talking about the same Rubberband Man song the TI one


The one from 1976.


Oh I was way off that’s a good one too


I was grooving out to that song way before it showed up in Infinity War, so it was a pleasant surprise. Gotta love The Spinners.


It blew my mind when they had red bone in the soundtrack I forgot all about them


I just paused Infinity War to listen to proper version of the song. It’s on YouTube.


Watched that last night.

Also guys don’t get the topic locked. :face_with_monocle:


Right on dude the disposal I’m at caught fire 8 months ago we are still rebuilding so we’ve just been getting paid to babysit the site


Right sorry dude have you noticed since PVP gohub been a little bit dead