Post your sinnoh stone evolutions



Togekiss is flexing lol


Used tonjght’s prize on Magmortar.

Five more to go. lol


Well, here comes what I have… obviously there are at least three which have to change (or to be add) to a better version.


Still no Sinoh stone from research breakthrough… nor Battling… Just dust nd XP.



Today I got a weavile and honchkrow they both along with rhyperior fit the ultra league cp limit


Here I am with only one sinnoh evolution…shiny honchkrow still tho…


… went with Porygon Z next. Four more and I’ll have them all.


Got a Stone and Dust from Training this morning.

Used them all up. 1 on a 100% Maxed out Electabuzz and the other 2 for 100% Maxed Out Rhyperior’s to be part of my Ground team to take on The new T5. Mammoswine will have to wait now.


In your defense, Mamoswine isn’t available yet still, and probably won’t until after this event sometime, so I can’t blame you for pushing it back. I may be forced to do the same.


Here comes the last one, now I have them all



Sinnoh Stone #6


It was this 98% Dusknoir or a 98% Magmortar to get, so I chose this one. Next will be the Magmortar. I only have five more to evolve currently.


Just lost to my son in PvP…again. But I got a Sinnoh Stone out of it!


Landed a stone tonight from PVP, went with Mismagius.

I now need Honchkrow, Gliscor, and Dustnoir.


Here my last evolution…

And a question: I found 11 evolutions which need the Sinnoh-Stone. That’s it, or have I lost something on the way?


It’s possible that a Sinnoh Stone will be required for the following once they are released:

Aipom -> Ambipom
Magneton -> Magnezone
Lickitung -> Lickilicky
Tangela -> Tangrowth
Yanma -> Yanmega
Eevee -> Leafeon or Glaceon
Piloswine -> Mamoswine
Kirlia (Male) -> Gallade
Nosepass -> Probopass
Snorunt (Female) -> Froslass

That’s another 11 right there. Tangrowth, Mamoswine, Magnezone, Yanmega, Leafeon and Glaceon could prove to be very useful in the near future, while Gallade will be a decent addition to the Fighting-type library needed to take down Regigigas and Arceus provided they arrive in Raids sooner than expected.


They will probably do different stone for them, or just unlock Evolution.


Perhaps, but since the waves lately have trickled to like 11 or 12 at a time, it wouldn’t surprise me if a next wave is just dedicated to a second wave of Sinnoh Stones. I doubt that they would do a different stone because we would have seen something about it from Chrales before now. He’s quite on top of things when it comes to this stuff.

It would also keep people doing PvP for Sinnoh Stones as long as that stays consistent.


Gallade and Froslass maybe, the rest most likely not