Post your sinnoh stone evolutions



@Alyosha, that are streams of luck, they come and go. Until now I have had 8 Sinnoh-Stones, but the last two for Togekiss and Weavile don’t want to enter…


I have got three Sinnoh Stones so far. Next evolution will be crazy! :crazy_face:


How did Weavile end up as the last one?


Did someone say Weavile?


I was originally going to have this be a Dark-type attacker–as stated earlier in this thread–but since it evolved with a pure Ice-type moveset, I just couldn’t bring myself to change it, so it’s my newest Ice-type attacker. It’s a 96% IV with perfect Attack and Defense by the way.


evolved to a Magmortar and have a sinnoh stone that i haven’t used.


Ultimately, I will evolve every available entry at least once, but I’m prioritizing Pokemon that I intend to use fairly soon. The others, like Magmortar, Gliscor, and Dusknoir, are being put towards the end. The only exception I have is Electivire, because the Electivire I have has 13 Attack, and I would prefer to wait until I find or hatch a better Elekid or Electabuzz before doing that, so it may be saved for the very end.


I’ve still only got the 2 Sinnoh Stones so far. Looks like I’m getting the shaft on this one.
Nothings getting evolved until I have more so I have spares for when Mamoswine becomes available.


Just keep trying. My husband only had one when it was guaranteed and he was feeling very put out afterwards, but just yesterday, he got THREE from battling, and another one today.


I can’t battle so, yes I’m really getting the shaft on this.


Why can you not battle?


It’s linked to Freinds so I miss out again.
Long story going right back to when the kids wanted to play.
PTC account created on mine but kid changed to mums phone with Google acct so I started playing using that acct on mine not knowing what features were going to be added to the game excluding kids accts under the age of 13. Hind sight is a wonderful thing.

No Freinds, no 7km Eggs, no Alolan Pokemon, no regionals from 7km Eggs, no Trading, no mega XP bounus from friends, no extra balls in Raids, no added damage boost, and no battling so no Garenteed 3 rewards a day.
The list just keeps on growing what I can’t have/get.


Here’s my latest Sinnoh Stone evolution


You can still battle the team leaders, and they can dispense Sinnoh Stones if you’re lucky. I’d at least try that.


I just got my first ss Pokemon it’s a 2099 rhyperior


Training only gives one reward per day and that has only worked for 3 days so far now.
Not sure how many random Gift possibilities there are in the mix. So for I’ve had 500 Dust, 1000 Dust and 500 Dust. At least Dust is useful and it’s not useless junk like Balls and Health items.


It’s only Stardust and Sinnoh Stones as of now.


It took me some time, but here it finally is. :sparkles:


I’m collector, not fighter. I know that Weavile in Meta has to be one of the first, but for me it isn’t so important.


So far, I have evolved:



Got them today