Post your sinnoh stone evolutions



It’s all speculative until Niantic finally says something, and who knows how long that will take. :expressionless:


Just got another stone losing to my son again…


Losing never felt so good. XD



I landed stones from my 7-day breakthrough AND PVP last night, so I used them to get Honchkrow and Gliscor. I’m only missing Dusknoir now.

… though I might skip it because I hatched a 97.8% Elekid and might want to evolve it all the way to an Electivire. lol


Here I am with 1 stone
Trained 10 times-no stone
4 breakthroughs-1 stone


Really bad luck… I got 12 until now


Waiting only for Dusknoir now


This guy??




Myone is a little poor in level, but I don’t want to waste dust in him…


I wouldnt spend a single miligram of dust on that either, I just dont have the dex entry


That’s why I have create him…


I know


98% Magmortar has arrived. Only four more to go.


Despite me having a great Moltres, Charizard, Heatran and Entei, I definitely plan on using this one alongside a Shiny 96% Flareon I have as a Fire-type team that will definitely be good against some future possible Raid Bosses like Genesect, and if the Ultra Beasts become Raid Bosses, there’s three of them badly weak to Fire.

It’s not a priority to level up right now, but it’s on the list.


4UBs are weak to fire, Buzzwole, Pheromosa, Celesteela and Kartana


I keep forgetting about Celesteela. LOL


Hyped about Kartana, too bad its so ahead in the future


By my estimates, which are usually a month or two off, I have the following release dates for what I call primary Generation releases, when the primary wave of 20 or more Pokemon of that generation are released.

Gen 5: August 2019
Gen 6: June 2020
Gen 7: April 2021

There’s a 10-month gap (give or take a couple weeks) between many of these releases (the only exception being the one between Gen 1 and Gen 2 (July 2016 - Feb 2017, 8 months), but Gen 3 and Gen 4 were each 10 months apart from their respective previous generation, so I’m going by that. It’s usually based on that there are 9 Legendaries (one each month) and a couple of returning Legendaries from previous generations to fill in the gap.

Not as long as it might seem for Kartana if my guess that Ultra Beasts will be Raid Bosses will be correct, a little over two years, but we will be kept busy I’m sure.

Hopefully I get another Sinnoh Stone from battling later today, and I’m tossing my mind between Gliscor and Porygon-Z next. They’re both 96% and I do have my own uses for each of them.


They will likely have to speed up the process