Post your sinnoh stone evolutions



All sinnoh stone evolutions.


Post your first Sinnoh Stone Evolution!
Post your first Sinnoh Stone Evolution!


it’s gonna be fun to see who chooses what.

I went with the hype.


I’ll be going with the hype too … on Saturday. lol


With the Sinnoh Stone officially out–and now properly named–people are getting their first evolutions out, so how about we do that here?


A 98% Togekiss! It has perfect HP and Defense, but I think I can live with 14 Attack. This is my new Dragon-tamer. It even came with the best moveset already!



Gardivoir has competition for most beautiful pokemon


Im gonna be joining the hype aswell on saturday.


The hype is real. Smack down laying the smack down.





Nice! I gotta wait till the weekend.


I have a Weavile.
@Necrozma051608 has a Rhyperior

Post your first Sinnoh Stone Evolution!

Already posted it somewhere, but here’s my first:


am i the only one who used theirs on Pory? i know it’s not as optimal as others but Porygon is my all time favorite pokemon so


It’s nice seeing everyone journey taking different routes.

Wonder what ill evolve next week🤷🏾‍♂️


I would, but I do not have enough candy.


I have options to get a:
Shiny Roserade
91 IV normal Roserade


I’m good on candy for each one. So I will get new Pokemon each week.