Post your sinnoh stone evolutions



dusknoir, 1947 cp, hex/ominous wind




Wow, thats a strong 1


I did rhyperior too. I think I will go for roserade next week.



Beacause Pokemon Hub said that’s in the top 2 of the ones that should be evolved, I evolved my 100% one with my first sinoh stone. I already started to max it out.



Your Roserade and mine could be partners, yours being a quintessential poison-type attacker and mine being her quintessential grass-type attacker counterpart…

(That yours is a shiny, too, makes her great IV all the more compelling – what a babe!)


Still haven’t yet received the Sinnoh Stone. I got my 2nd Shedinja a few hours before Niantic released the Sinnoh Stone…


On first glance the undershell around Rhyperior’s neckline looks like a weird, toothy grin. Now it just looks like a t-shirt with an armor vest over it…


Ooooof… I will get mine once I find a research task for today.


I see the creepy smile!


Our Rosies could indeed be partners in crime! :smirk:

I have a lucky 100% regular Roselia that is itching to be evolved but she will have to wait till I get the other evolves first. I’m excited for when they give us other ways to get Sinnoh Stones… one per week is too long to wait! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Congrats on your beaut of a mon! :innocent:


Still trying to decide which mon to evolve. I’m torn between a 100% Rhyperior, just because it will be a bit of a beats, a 96% Weavile for the meta relevance, 100% Togekiss because it is sleek or a 100% Electivire as it looks beastly… :man_shrugging:t4:
Shall update once the decision is made.


Great, now I can’t un-see the creepy smile underneath on Rhyperior. Thanks a lot :joy: :unamused:


I would’ve if I had enough candy.


You need at least 100 to evolve along with the Sinnoh Stone. That’s true for every one of them.


I know, only have 37 porygon candy


I went for Porygon-Z as well.


I think Porygon-z is useless