Post your sinnoh stone evolutions



It’s a good attacker for anything except fighting that deals se damage to a lot of types.


Agreed. I interestingly enough plan to use it as an Electric-type attacker since there are so few good Electric-type attackers right now. The only ones I would consider are Raikou, Zapdos, Luxray, Electivire and Magnezone. Magnezone isn’t available yet, my Raikou isn’t good enough to level up, and my Electabuzz has 12 Attack, so that’s a no. I need to fill in that spot.


With the new stone in the game post want you evolve Screenshot_20181121-001037001


My second evolution is Roserade. Maxed it out.


Got my first Stone 2 days ago but haven’t used it yet. None of the evolution’s are urgently required to make a strong(er) battle squad so I’ll just wait it out for now.






The way you caught that Electivire kinda roaring is amazing. Nice job!






Now to power it up …


2nd stone :grin:



Glad I evolved this when I did now that the Sinnoh Stone is no longer guaranteed. It’s a great Psychic-type counter. It’s also a 100% Mismagius.



All those non-meta evolutions hurt my Pokemon soul


I’m still waiting for Magnezone


Psh, my Mismagius outpaces my Gengar in most matchups Ghosts would be used for. I ran many simulations and Mismagius outdid Gengar in overall damage against Psychic-types. The only ones that Gengar outpaced Mismagius was against other Ghost-types.