Post your sinnoh stone evolutions



What about Weavile though


That depends on what you plan on using it for, and I haven’t decided yet if I want it for a Ice or Dark attacker. Also, my Sneasel is a 96% and I don’t plan on evolving that at the moment since I have a Rhyperior and Roserade (both perfect IVs) to evolve first. While that Sneasel would be brilliant as Weavile, there’s still a possibility of me getting a better Sneasel from Raids–which I target for solo raids–so if I used a Sinnoh Stone on Sneasel right now, it could be a waste since I only do unique species only–shinies excluded. It forces me to be more strategic with my Pokemon and allows me to try out different ones.

It’s possible that I will use it as a Dark-type attacker as there are more holes in my Dark-type roster, while I have MORE than enough great Ice-types, especially now that I hatched a perfect Swinub today. With Glaceon coming as well, Dark-type seems more feasible. There are currently too many variables for me to commit a stone to Sneasel for the time being.


TMs exist, these make Weavile versitale
Better than having an amazing dark type with possibility to change it to an ice type than to have a mediocre ghost


TMs have lessened in probability as rewards, and they’re too random to be counted upon to switch back and forth, so it’s not dependable at all. I’d rather commit to roles because it’s more budget friendly. Should Sneasel get a Shiny and I get a good one of them, I will assign the other role to that. I did that with Tyranitar, and I’ll do the same for others.

And don’t even come for me when it comes to mediocrity, as it’s based on an unsound assumption that DPS is the break-all statistic. I find Gengar mediocre because it’s as weak as a tissue paper. It doesn’t last nearly long enough to be effective against Psychic-types. I look into TDO over FPS because so many people falsely hang onto FPS being the go-to factor when it’s only a small part of the equation. This whole “FPS is absolute” is so basic, not to mention statistically unsound. Even the most powerful Pokemon is crap when it doesn’t last long enough to do the damage. That’s why my teams are mixed with high DPS and high TDO to best make use of the time. My high DPS members of my Psychic-type counters are Absol and Pinsir, and my more resilient members are Tyranitar and Alolan Muk.

Against Cresselia with Confusion/Future Sight, Mismagius will do 323 points of damage before fainting, while Gengar only does 246. Against Cresselia with Confusion/Moonblast, Gengar does do more, but not as the same margin: Gengar does 407 damage, while Mismagius does 370. Confusion/Aurora Beam? Mismagius wins again with 420 TDO and Gengar 397. There’s a little variance with the Psycho Cut versions, but mainly Mismagius does more damage in its lifetime. Mediocre? Statistics say no.


And what about Weavile? Gengar exists to do DPS, not TDO
If you want something that can live, use TTar or even Weavile


Weavile is also a glass cannon, with far too many weakness to moves that Psychic and Ghost types may have. I wouldn’t use Weavile against Gengar (Focus Blast), Alakazam (Focus Blast and if unlucky Dazzling Gleam), Giratina (thanks to Ancient Power) or Mewtwo (Flamethrower and Focus Blast) because I try to avoid super effectiveness against me. Longevity is a goal.

I hope to have one ready before Uxie and Mesprit because neither one will have a move that is super effective against Weavile. I wouldn’t use Weavile against Azelf because it can know Fire Blast. I try to create teams that will be the most effective against all movesets.

And in case you didn’t notice, I am using Tyranitar in the team. My full Psychic-type Counter team is the following: Absol, Mismagius, Pinsir, Umbreon, Tyranitar, Alolan Muk. Barring Mewtwo, the team has never fully fainted against foes. Umbreon is a placeholder for the time being, although Umbreon has proven to be quite a solid tank against the likes of Mewtwo and Alakazam.


You see what moves does the raid boss have prior to the battle
Doing tons of damage in 2/3 cases and doing a lot in the third is better than doing meh in all of them


Once again, you’re only considering the FPS, not the entire equation. TDO is the statistic you want to see how much damage will actually be inflicted before fainting.

You’re also incorrect to assume that we will know the move all the time from the suggested, but in the case of Cresselia, if Steel-types are recommended, it could be either Aurora Beam or Moonblast, and I already pointed out that the two movesets do affect the TDO spread.

I suggest you open your mind a lot more to how each variable affects the overall equation, and stop worshiping the FPS. It’s not only unwise, but outright folly.


TDO doesnt mean anything if the timer kicks you out before you even win
Aurora Beam suggest water/ice types too


Pokebattler dissagrees with you, and i kinda do aswell. Gengar doesnt always seem to be the top choice, but i couldnt find a matchup where Mismagius beat it in TTW.


I suggest you look at this then, courtesy of GamePress, because PokeBattler is inaccurate as hell and is also a FPS-worshiper. It’s full of useless statistics like “Time to Win” when that doesn’t even matter since your Pokemon will not even live that long, also it’s always longer than the Raid Battle itself, so it’s pointless.

You can also see that the Gengar used has a Legacy Moveset, which is something most people might not even have, so your generalist arguments have no place here. Consider ALL the factors, not just one based on flimsy assumptions.


Even stupid Chimecho has higher TDO
Include Dark Types if you want to see actual anti-psychic


Megas are included since Ive already put them in before, you can choose to ignore them
Also, these are only the BEST movesets


You can look at the Dark-type filter all by yourself. You don’t need me to show you. I’ve already ran the simulations needed to determine what Dark-types I should use so I need to prove nothing.


Umbreon, Weavile, Muk and Tyranitar beat in in TDO
So… How’s Mismagius not mediocre again?


The fact it still beats Gengar in most matchups which I’ve already proven. My point was for Gengar vs. Mismagius.

The issue I have using Weavile is that it’s far too flimsy against the matchup that depicts Fighting or Fairy type moves. If you ran that simulation, Weavile doesn’t even make it on the top ten list in any scenario, which was yet another thing I pointed out. Weavile is only good for the Future Sight matchup, which is only a third of the matchups.

My personal goal is to create a battle team that can be used in all moveset situations because there are only five battle team slots available (two if you make a dedicated league team for PvP) and Charged TMs have gotten more scarce in Raid payouts. I’ve only gotten two total this week, and I raid once per day. Having a pure Dark-team against the likes of Cresselia is unwise due to its knowledge of Moonblast, and some Dark-type options are weak to Aurora Beam. Tyranitar, Umbreon and Alolan Muk are really the only three good ones in the present in TDO. That leaves three slots. Mismagius lasts longer than Gengar in most simulations, so that’s why he is there. Absol is admittedly a placeholder until I can finally prepare a replacement.

One thing we haven’t covered are the Bug-types. Bug resists Fairy, and there are only two current Bug-types that would be significant enough: Pinsir and Scizor. Scizor would be in the place of my Absol…but the sad part is that I’ve been unable to get the moveset necessary for that. It also is not leveled up, so it’s definitely not ready.

Based on what I said, having a universal team for all movesets, resisting possible super effective moves as well as maintaining a balance of DPS and TDO, my ideal team would be:

Alolan Muk

Mismagius remains since there aren’t any available Dark, Ghost or Bug types that I have ready that would dethrone it’s TDO presence. Giratina has more TDO in these situations, but I don’t have the candy to level one up yet. Mismagius was a perfect IV Pokemon for me so that’s why I had it ready because I level up all my perfect IV Pokemon, even the ones that aren’t worth a damn.


Well ofcourse its longer then the raid itself. If its not it would mean you could solo a T5 raid… If you go look at T1/T2/T3 raids youll see the TTW is shorter than the actual raid, meaning you can solo it.

I look at TTW so i can see how many people we need with top counters. Divide TTW by 300 seconds (total raid time) and you have an idea of how many that is. Ofcourse you are going to need a bit longer for rejoining and reviving, but its a good general idea of how much you need.

Your list suggests Giratina as the top counter against Cresselia… That actually says enough.
And most people actually DO have that legacy Gengar. The raid day hasnt been that long. And some others even have the OLDER one aswell, wich is even better.

Let me guess, you are also the kind of player that fights with Aggron? Cause it lives long, so it can do much damage…
Problem is you need to do enough damage in the 300 seconds you have. not all pokemon can do that.
Add to that that you get extra balls and items for doing more damage, its very much worth sorting that list to DPS instead of TDO.

Im actually curious about the row besides TDO. “DPS^3*TDO”.
From what i gather that is kinda important aswell. The highest number is generally the best counter. Since Gengar kicks everyone here in the butt with almost 70% higher number than the number 2 on that list, im gonna say hes still the better option.

You tell me to look at ALL the factors, but then you go and focus solely on your TDO as to prove your point…


This is a stupid way of going by
Weavile far outmatches Mismagius by the virtue of actually doing something before dying
Gengar still fares better against Moonblast (in TDO, in the DPS department he shreds Mismagius)
TDO is not everything, you need to actually beat the timer
Stuff like Mismagius or (god forbid) Umbreon means you need lots of people to actually win