Post your sinnoh stone evolutions



Wait a minute, Weavile beats Mismagius in TDO as well, even against Moonblast


Honestly, your first comment that started all this pretty much sums it up:


You’ve already been faced with heaps of evidence against your own claims. You’re simply raving at this point and I will no longer entertain your bile. You’re far too subjective and juvenile in your own arguments.


You said Weavile doesnt last long
Ive mentioned that it has higher TDO even against the move it is weak to

What exactly are you trying to prove right now? Mismagius might beat Gengar in 1/3 situations on TDO, but if you dont want to invest in a stardust-heavy DPS attacker like Gengar, there are still lots of better options than Mismagius

Im not the one who’s just baselessly raving


This has gone completely out of topic…

Come back to post Sinnoh Stone Evolutions


Hopefully I get lucky and get my 3rd stone tomorrow.

While it got way off topic I enjoyed reading the discussion/debate until it degenerated to having pot shots at each other. Would have made a good topic of it’s own or a better fit in another.


Watch me whip!


Right back at you…


That’s it… it’s so easy to create a new topic, for example this things would have been good in investigation.


I didn’t get to evolve my magmar😞


Nice I have one too, but it’s only 93%.
Can’t complain lol


As much as I’m partly guilty for taking this off-topic, I’ll post my newest one since I was able to get a Sinnoh Stone tonight to get it back on topic.

My perfect-IV Roserade.



Now thats an actually useful one




New one, and they fixed his size problem:



Now it’s enormous


Hopefully they will fix Giratina as well, because Giratina is like 15 feet tall. His size during a Raid Battle was pretty accurate. XD


I love your approach in powering up unique Pokemon
Although in some cases it gets a bit too much :joy:


I level up only what I plan to use and the best of the respective species. All of my Pokemon, except for two or three, are 96% IVs or higher.


You guys are damn lucky, I still have not received any Sinoh stone… :disappointed: