Post your Shadow Pokemon


I was waiting to go after Giovanni until my other account was ready; but after a few days he came after me. When I turned the game on in the morning he was waiting at the Pokéstop right by my front door.

For having the temerity to chase me, I dispatched him to the nether world and stole his Moltres. Nice swag, too.


I don’t like them (maybe the phrase is “I hate them”), I’m still without winning any of the three leaders without thinking in Giovanni.

So, congratulations, but I not even been searching for the energy to beat them.


Not sure why you cant win any of the Boss battles @bagguille. I would have thought you have enough adequate counters in your collection.


Haha, no, it’s not I can’t win… I’m not interested to win them.


It wasn’t easy to get, but I finally caught my first shadow legendary from Giovanni! :star_struck:



Somehow won from a Lapras-Snorlax-Snorlax Grunt in just two tries without even knowing the second and third Pokémon of the Grunt. Got a Spooky Loch Ness Monster as a reward. The funniest fact is that I got it from my Home Stop.