Post your Shadow Pokemon


Post your shadow pokemon here.


Found one, Im so proud


What version of Pokémon Go is that? And which mobile platform? Several things look quite different…


Its an old school version, very rare .


Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure what “old school version” means or implies here (maybe because my first encounter with Pokémon was Pokémon Go in 2016).

Is that from one of the console games? The popup message window doesn’t look like iOS or Android…

Never mind. I spotted the clue in (Apparently t’s a screen shot from Pokémon Coliseum, not Pokémon Go…)


From that same GoHub article, Shadow Pokémon (in the Gamecube series games at least) were not able to level up until they were “purified”. Gee, and I thought the scarcity of stardust was more than enough of an obstacle to most trainers in leveling up their Pokémon… :roll_eyes::smirk:


Stardust is a first world problem compared to purifying a pokemon back in the day.


Lol lol


Pokemon Gale of darkness right








Does anybody have a video clip of their encounter with a compromised stop? @Arem1771 has posted raid videos, how about a couple of these?


Saw one post one last night on here


Thanks, John. Your tip prompted me to dig around the GoHub and found that @Arem1771 had already posted a Team Rocket encounter and the Shadow Pokemon that came with it. That short video was more informative than the hour-and-a-half streaming randomness I found on YouTube, of a spoofer teleporting all over the place in the effort to demonstrate the conquest and capture of a Shadow Pokémon and the Purify process.


Here’s a couple more, unpurified. I don’t think I’ll be filming too much about these after this though.