Post your Shadow Pokemon




Might as well post this as nobody else has put one up yet… (not sure about the IVs though, is 12/12/12 the worst you can get for a legendary shadow or is the floor still 10/10/10?).

Either way - it would be 93% if purified but can’t be bothered to spend 20,000 dust on an Articuno…


Got this baby from a grunt encounter featuring Lapras, Poliwhirl, and Snorlax.


Nearly 550 Grunt Battles and still have not sighted a Shadow Lapras :confounded:


I didn’t expect my luck to turn on that, either. Maybe the next grunt that taunts you that winning is for winners will be the one.

For whatever it’s worth - my first go at this team used what the game recommended, leading off with my maxed-out 98-IV Rayquaza, which got dispatched with just 3 frost breaths from this Lapras (without even getting off a third fast attack of its own). I had better success with a maxed-out 92-IV Machamp.


this time i found Giovanni at the secont spot :slight_smile:







Finally got the Lapras encounter on my 460 grunt battle.
And a feisty so-and-so he certainly proved to be. Had to use a golden raspberry to capture him in the end… only to find he has a miserable 13% IVs…:neutral_face:


Still no Shadow Lapras and I’m only a whisker away from 600 Grunt battles.
Found this one from last night when checking stuff this morning.


After giving it away for the day after 6 Giovanni decoys in the afternoon what are the odds of it actually being Giovanni on the Pokestop where we regularly have Friday night dinner before heading out for Gym busting.
Pity it’s complete junk.


Just finished doing the last Gym to Max out the 20 for the night and saw the Rocket stop 50m ahead on the street heading back towards home.
Was almost going to drive straight by and not bother but decided to stop and do it.
Finally after 627 if found one.
8 balls to throw at it after the Battle.
x5 GRazz Great throws an x1 GRazz Excellent I preparing to throw the phone in anger after what was looking like going to happen.
Thankfully it stayed in on the 7th.



Stupid game.
It takes 627 Grunt Battles to get my first Shadow Lapras.
Then on 628 I get another one and a third one at 648. I really hope the 100% IV Trades happen in similar fashion if I can open the acct with a first one.


Found 5 of them now.


Found Giovanni on the 7th one on the way home from work today.
Massive cost to Purify this. One more point on the Defence and the answer would be yes but falling just short has me procrastinating about it.
It would be my best ones if I did. Current best is 2x 96 with 14 attack.


Have done a lot of these over the last 3 weeks and not one got close to being above 91% Purified until today.