Post your Shadow Pokemon


From an all Magikarp rocket :rofl::man_facepalming:


Nice catch to get one with big CP like that.


This is the 3rd Zubat line I’ve caught that can go 100% when drowned in Holly Water.



Evolved it. Just for my dex.


A few new ones over last few days. The one I really want eludes me so far thou.


I want a 1/2 decent Male Shdow Ralts for my Shadow Gallade. I also want any Ralts atm for the Candy as I currently have 0 after pumping up some Gardivor for auto selection in Darkrai Raids.


Couple of new members to my Shadow Gym Team.




Still no Lapras here :disappointed:
Couple new ones recently.


Got this one yesterday. It was quite unwanted as I just wanted an easy Team GO Rocket Grunt, not one you have to redo like seven times. It is also quite annoying me that it takes forever to use a Charged Attack. I have to tap I-don’t-know-how-many times on that Charged Attack button, and my Pokemon ends up dying instead of using the Charged Attack. And the opponents use their Charged Attacks even though they are already defeated. They also immediately die after. :toilet:


If your Pokémon is being defeated before your getting your charge attack out your using the wrong counter against it.
Having not been able to find the Lapras battle yet I can help with what best to go with. Having said tha I did have Lapras as the second Pokémon in my Team Leader battle yesterday and my L40 Machamp got a couple of Dynamic Punch Charge moves off.


I meant I have to tap I-don’t-know-how-many times on the Charged Attack button, I’m sorry. :sweat_smile:


I keep doing Team Rocket battles so I can purify my doubles, but I keep getting new Shadow Pokémon that I didn’t have before.


I can not find a Zubat, Rattata or Weedle for the cheap 1K Purification.

Another new one I didn’t have until yesterday.




And evolved it. Not yet purified though.