Post your Shadow Pokemon



Honoring your last post buddy. Hope you are still doing well…



I’m still dissapointed they extended Entei for a whole freaking month. It allready takes too long to get that Giovanni medal gold and this way it will never be.


I was nearly done with my fourth Giovanni quest when TGR fatigue set in. Only Cliff and Giovanni are left, and that’s where I intend to leave it.

The first time was worth the hassle, and even the second time. The third felt like a waste of time, and the fourth is just … nah.


Sadly not 1 of them any good to Purify and stat spreads are completely wrong for PvP.


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I can’t believe I just beat Giovanni with Rhypherior, Vaporeon, and Arcanine.


How do you even do that?! :joy:


I must have been really lucky because Arcanine was down to one HP when I triggered her crunch attack and knocked out suicune.


:100: :sparkles:



From Go Fest



Another good-IV shadow Pokemon